001 - A dank eco blog tbh?

This is blog about everything earth related that I find interesting, funny or cool.
I know blogs are dead these days but Im so hyped to share this stuff so I made one anyway…
The goal is to do 100 posts! I want to work with this full time some day so I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I wont edit the text, just kinda write what my brain spits out.
It will basically be quick selections of the eco-type info that I learn about on a daily basis.
News, podcasts, videos, science and other fun EARTH GANG type material.
Feel free to hit me up with suggestions and thoughts at -> Lucas.stal.madison@gmail.com or
a DM on instagram! LETS GET TO IT!


At first I thought the whole sustainability thing was pretty boring grownup stuff. Even though I felt a strong connection to nature, the whole society problem thing felt like a big mess of economics and politics . But the more I understood about climate change and all the other environmental crisis , the more it felt like a pretty “easy” fix. My mindset flipped and I started to think about all these issues as lots of solutions. Solutions just waiting to happen. After a few years reading articles, going to seminars and watching documentaries I have understood that there are major opportunities in this shift towards earth friendly lifestyles. It would be really cool if people that read this blog eventually see these problems in a positive way. For example you get healthy by eating plant based. You get fit by taking the bike. You have a good time by buying a experience instead of a product. You can get wealthy by investing in renewable energy and clean tech. You get rested by spending time in the forest. You get happy when believing life is more than collecting material things. You get smart by understanding more about sustainability aka how the world works.
So once again, LETS GET TO IT!!!