002 - Two Myths about sustainability in Sweden

Sweden is considered a having good control of all things health and nature, but I just learned two pretty mind-blowing things I did not expect!

1) The drinking water in Sweden is very clean(not really)
There is no water cleaning plant in Sweden that can pick up chemicals from pharmaceuticals. And hardly any that can filter out micro plastics. Swedish water can be considered very clean compared to very poor countries, but the filters used in the cleaning plants were not meant to filter these things when they were built so now it’s really expensive to replace them. There is new research but it has yet to been installed in any of the plants. With all the new chemicals that has been introduced into society the last few years, it is hard to know how much is filtered out and how much we of it we are drinking :O!!! My friend Adam Falk just bought a home cleaning filter device thing. I will write about post about it when I get one! :)


2) Sweden recycle most of its plastic(false)
There are so many different types of plastics these days and the recycle stations can actually only recycle very few of them. In Finland the are openly saying that they can only recycle 3 types of plastic. At least they’re honest hehe. I thought Sweden recycled at least most plastics but in reality most of it gets burned. Sweden burns lots of trash that creates energy which is cool but its lame that the plastic people recycle is just burned. Companies + industry should only use plastic that is 100% recyclable! More on what these plastics are in a later post.
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