003 - Cheap & Easy veggie burrito. Best outdoor lunch!

Veggie tacos(burritos) is one of my go to meals!
Just replace the meat with beans = healthier, cheaper and more sustainable meal. Winning!
I usually use about a pack of beans per person or more.(get that protein for skiing).
A pack in Sweden is 230g of beans.

Wash beans. Put beans in pot with tiny bit of water and oil.
Use fork(or mashed potato thing) to smash the beans while the pot is warming up.
Put lots of CUMIN in there. + salt + black pepper. Add chili, cayenne, pepper if u have.
That’s the recipe for the taco spices in the store so save some cash on that over priced shit.
The goal is to get the mashed beans to a consistency similar to that of minced meat.
Pot is getting warm so start to stir a bit so its not too wet for the burrito bread.(key move)
When you get better at this, you’ll be able to cut up some veggies while the beans get hot and then just whip up some lunch burritos for the hill in under 10 min.

ECO HACK: buy a bees wax wrap to store the burrito in. Fold like below and you can put it straight in your backpack!.

just wash of and air dry <3

just wash of and air dry <3